Metering and monitoring 
We can monitor your electricity consumption over a period of time to provide analytical data to then devise a strategy which best suites you to better your electricity consumption.  
Simply replacing your existing lights to LED equivalent light fittings can vastly reduce your energy efficiency. 
We can provide a cost of ownership detailing the payback time and total annual savings of your prospective new lighting system. 
Not only save money but create a better working ambience for your employees. 
Thermal Imaging Survey 
Having a thermal imaging survey can highlight potential problems long before an event occurs. As a result, any required repairs can be planned for in terms of both time and budget. 
Using our FLIR thermal imaging camera and software, we can provide clear and detailed reports to plan corrective measures to prevent any costly system failures to your business. 

Take the right step to a brighter and more energy efficient future for your business and contact us today. 

Before with fluorescent light fittings 

After installing LED light fittings 

Changing the lighting output can have a positive effect on all aspects of your bussiness, from employees moral to general health and safety. 
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